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Ashlyn Gere (Эшлин Гир)

Псевдонимы Актрисы :  Kimberly Ashlyn Gere, Kimberly Marshall, Kimberly Patton, Kim McKamy, Ashlyn Gear, Ashleyn Gere, Ashley Gere, Kim McKay, Kim Patton Дата рождения :  14 Сентября 1967, 45 лет  Цвет волос :  Коричневый Рост :  160 cm Вес :  50 кг Силикон :  Нет Размеры :  85-55-82.5 Размер груди :  3 (далее…)

Две женщины / Two Women(1992)

Две женщины / Two Women(1992)Описание: He final swan song of Alex deRenzy, who, it seems, has since decided that, with the budgets available these days, can’t shoot a story oriented movie anymore, so he only cranks out wall-to-wall sex movies under his Rex Borsky pseudonym. This was one of his last two story-based movies, and it’s a very good movie