Поиск по тегу Lynn LeMay

Арабика / Arabica (1992)


Арабика / Arabica (1992) DVDRip

Год выхода: 1992

Жанр: All Sex, Anal, Oral, Classic, Foreign

Режиссер: Mario Salieri

В ролях: Deborah Wells, Jasmine, Rita Olivski, Sunny McKay, Lynn LeMay, Yves Baillat, Christoph Clark, Luigi de Giostri, Mario De Sica, Ron Jeremy, Patrick Le Nain, Roberto Malone, Philippe Soine, Richard Voisin (далее…)

All For One / Все для одного (1988)

All For One / Все для одного(1988)Описание:
The editor of a sleazy tabloid sends his best reporter to get to the bottom of TV’s hottest series in this blistering sexvid from 1988. Scott Irish plays the intrepid newshound trying to figure out what the show’s surprise cliffhanger is going to be. Of course, once he gets on the set Scott finds his hands full of buxom beauties and come-hither cuties who are determined to keep his mind off his job! He ends up getting down and dirty with the show’s foxy female writing staff and sexy young cast members in scene after scene of pure passion. Does he ever get the story his editor is after? Does it really even matter? It’s fast-paced 80s style fun filled with gorgeous sex kittens and sizzling sex!

Один ночной стояк с Даниеллой Роджерс

One Night Stand With Danielle Rogers / Один ночной стояк с Даниеллой Роджерс(1990)Описание: Life is a non-stop party full of beautiful, gig-breasted babes for rock video director Walker Novack. But something is missing. That something is his brother Clay’s sexy soon-to-be bride, Catherine. That’s okay, because brother Caly, a rich plastic surgeon, is really getting it on with his newest patient, a hot-estate agent named Bonnie. Bonnie doesn’t seem to mind either. Not only is she having an affair with Clay on theeve pf his wedding, she’s also having a wet and wild timer with Walker’s » One Night Stand «,Jamie, And Jamie? Well,she’s happy to oblige both brothers and their horny girlfriends.