6 thoughts on “Эротические клипы 02.15.03 Bikini Contest OVW Jackie Gayda vs Nikita (RARE)

  1. Nikita should of been a star in wrestling it’s a shame her career never took off after OVW.

  2. Nikita was supposed to debut during
    the Torrie/Dawn feud after Al died, and was going to play Torrie’s sister. There was going to be a feud about Al’s inheritance; I’d guess Nikita joining forces with Dawn against Torrie?

    There was some sort of backstage drama and the storyline got scrapped. It’s so weird that things like that happen and we miss out on a whole diva’s career. Nikita would have been a good addition to Smackdown

    1. Other cancelled debuts from around the early 2000’s:
      •Angelina Love was to be JBL’s manager replacing and feuding with Jillian, and then later was supposed to be Matt Hardy’s girlfriend
      •Rico was originally going to have Daffney as a manager instead of Miss Jackie, but Rico pushed for Miss Jackie and Daffney never got called up

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