Эротические клипы 05-30-05 | Divas Bikini Contest | Victoria Heel Turn — Attack Christy Hemme

#VictoriaForHallOfFame ❤️


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28 thoughts on “Эротические клипы 05-30-05 | Divas Bikini Contest | Victoria Heel Turn — Attack Christy Hemme

  1. It’s like the wrestling version of Carrie lol one my fav moments ever so much nostalgia, I remember watching live as a young teen being so shocked and into it lol

  2. Everything sounded so real in this segment, the sound of flesh hitting flesh. So well done

  3. When Christy gets attacked, that reminds me of when anyone gets married. And I feel like attacking them for it. I mean I have someone. And I am engaged. And I am trying for a baby. I have been with him, for 6 years, now. But I would like to have the marriage, aswell. I most definitely felt like Victoria when I was with my ex boyfriend who I dated from September 2010, until 2013. xxxx ☺ ☺ Ps — What did you think, about this?

    1. But don't you think Carmella is, stunning? Because I do. Carmella has beautiful facial features, such as her shape face. And lovely colouring.

    2. @Yasmin Solomon I wonder what King was going through after Victoria did that to him. Her legs are very muscular so imagine all the strength.

    3. @Daniel Iorio Exactly! Notice also how he tried to stop Victoria from attacking Christy and grabbed her from behind. He had an angry woman in front of him, and this probably didn't help very much. Imagine how he must have felt. I think his mind was still distracted by the bikini contest!

  4. I was 15 when I first saw this back in '05 and remember thinking damn Victoria is on form in her swimsuit! the a few seconds later I knew she was going to fuck shit up, she always had this thing where she would look her absolute best just as she was about to go all heel crazy. She was always at her best as badass bitch Victoria, not this dumb jobber idiot that WWE would often make her out to be, she was so underrated and deserved so much more but they fucked her over too many times.

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