40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы 06.28.97 HOUSE SHOW Bikini Contest — Sable vs Sunny vs Marlena vs Chyna (WWE RARE)

  1. Fantastic stuff! Do you have any rare Debra videos by any chance? I've always wondered if she (Debra that is) ever competed in any bikini/lingerie contests and/or evening gown matches at house shows.

    1. bblaze903 I find it shocking Sunny and Sable never had a feud together, they could've in 98 if Sunny wasn't fired.

    2. @Antonius Johnson They did fight once at ringside, but Sable won. it's on YouTube and the network. Farooq w/Sunny vs Mero w/Sable

    3. bblaze903 I saw that before, it looked like Sable legitimately was hitting Sunny, because she looked dazed after Sable hit her.

  2. Thanks for the upload man! This was the only time these four women were in the ring together. Also, this was the first time Chyna ever spoke/made a promo. Good stuff.

  3. Marlena was sure acting very sassy here. Wish we could have gotten some of that sassiness during those days with Goldust.

    1. Terri showed more personality towards the end of her run as Marlena. I remember when she hit Brian Pillman with her loaded purse at Summer Slam '97, she would hi-five the fans, became more supportive of Goldust at ringside instead of being cool, calm and unconcerned. It would have been interesting to see her heel turn if Brian Pillman did not pass (RIP).

  4. Sunny was awesome in the contest. Butt bumping the honky tonk man, stuffing dollar bills in her bikini.

  5. You could tell Marlena was the leader of the group, with Sunny( heel) hi fived her and Sable as well, but they were both faces.

    1. Mike97 She was respected by Sunny(heel) hi fived her and Sable hi fived her, but they were both baby faces. Maybe because it was house show, they were allowed to break character.

    2. @Antonius Johnson True but I don´t think she was the leader because they weren´t really a group, they weren´t close and Sable was obviously the bigger star but they weren´t friends

  6. I saw this in Anaheim when I was 14 years old. Sable man I loved her. Sable really going to go on as a 14 year old I'll just say that

  7. I always loved this version of Sable's theme. It sounds so beautiful to me and especially with a beautiful girl like Sable.

  8. Wow I’ve never seen this before. I didn’t know this took place. Sable had that POP like no other.

  9. Terri/Marlena ain't the best looking especially with that outrageous tit gap but she had sass

  10. First wwe divas sabel , sunny & marlena more porn than ladies wrestling chyna what !

  11. Upload this somewhere we can download it without spending money youtube is going to delete this

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