17 thoughts on “Эротические клипы 08.13.06 WWE HOUSE SHOW (Bikini Contest) Kelly Kelly vs Francine

  1. You should not have stopped recording man . after this tommy dreamer came to the ring and tried to spank kelly kelly like in the hammerstein ballroom but she did not fall for it and low balls him this time. Hope someone has this golden moment

  2. Just noticed they gave Francine the song Torrie used against Sable at Judgment Day 03 during the dance.

    Francine exudes sexineness

  3. may you please reupload:

    stacy vs victoria HEAT 2005

    02.17.02 HEAT (Rare UK Exclusive) — Stacy Keibler pants A-Train

  4. Francine was hot in ECW but I think she was at her Peak HOTTNESS when she was in the watered down WWE ECW. It's a shame she was only in the company for such a little while

  5. This was back when Kelly Kelly was only 19 and ripe. Before all of the WWE wrestlers took turns wearing out her a$$ hole.

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing video.
    Could you please upload more houseshows of Kelly Kelly during her ECW time?

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