Эротические клипы 2014 Miss Super Boat Bikini Contest — Sarasota

Bikini round of the 2014 Miss Super Boat bikini contest held in Sarasota, Florida over the Independence holiday. Contestants come out in their swimsuit for the judges and crowd. Make sure to check out the first round here:

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы 2014 Miss Super Boat Bikini Contest — Sarasota

  1. Thanks for your videos, you have respect for your women, but what's more important, they are also women with nails, long hair, hung heels, how shame not be in America S heels, you since the best and I miss the Usa, a fan of your Kanal Dieter aus Germany, Jessica Barton Fan.

  2. 3:16 Yes please! Yes please! Yes please! ………..Hell, I'll take any one of them. If she'll have me, then I'll play along.

  3. number 3? Go home and take care of your kids. Don't get me wrong you're mom hot. Just not here.

  4. Hey "Red, White, and Blue. How about me and you?…………………….Yowwzahhs. Such a babe!

  5. they should be barefoot, its on the beach — no need for those shoes — lets see the feet too!

  6. one of the stupidest camera guys one this earth made this vid. btw the default thumb nail fooled me cos i thought its AJ applegate.

  7. worthless. a pro will tell you can't tell how deep the canyon and brush unless completely nude. once they score a ring huuge chow time.

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