Эротические клипы 2017 BIKINI CONTEST with TBA Bikini Models

2017 BIKINI CONTEST shot with TBA Bikini Models on st patricks day at winners circle in lakeland florida. Beautiful bikini models every where for this awesome Bikini Contest. over 14 Bikini models showed up and only 1 winner at the winners circle. Amber fields as well Nicole Hampton were just a few of the regulars

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shot with the Sony rx10 mk II and Rode Videomic pro along with generay Led 7100t for lighting

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33 thoughts on “Эротические клипы 2017 BIKINI CONTEST with TBA Bikini Models

  1. Bout time we got one of your shoots for longer than a few minutes. I still want you to pan down and zoom in for hopes of a lip slip or a camel toe shot. Thanks bro.

    1. gonna start filming a lot more long videos.. depending if people watch most of this one or not. Wet t shirt contest from ON THE STAGE is next.

    2. you prefer them to be longer? also do you prefer them to be un edited without music and kinda raw what i see what i post type deal?

    3. MR SLOWMOTIVES 10-15 mark unless you got YouTube gold. Edited down to the good parts. Music or no music, doesn't really matter. although sometimes uploaders use the same music over and over and it erks me so I mute it. Keep the music levels balanced too. God speed my friend!

    4. thanks for the feedback! dont forget to check out the wet t shirt contest i just posted its longer too

  2. !Qué mujeres hay en Estados Unidos! Ahora ya entiendo por que hay tantos inmigrantes.

  3. Nicole is looking out of shape! Wow , she was perfect before. Still hot but she's not going to win anymore.

    1. Yeah Nicole here really Looks a bit thick. You still can see muscles under the fat but she gained at least 8 kg when not more and most of it fat. But from her Instagram she is in better shape nowadays but never as great again as she looked until 2015.

    2. Instagram pics are never accurate. Most are touched up or older from when she was in better shape. Nothing beats a bikini competition…..cant airbrush and touch up the camera on the stage. #1 wins here for me. Nicole was absolutely fat had no place being there. Takes some kind of attitude, likely narcissism, to think she can hold up to these girls

    1. Nicole is finished. She didnt place and hasnt competed since this disaster. Body positivity has no place in a bikini contest. You can think you still hot all you want, up against those hotties, she got destroyed.

    1. She is hot. But she is out of shape here and not going to win looking like that. Especially up against Amber Fields.

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