Эротические клипы 2017 WingHouse Bikini Contest — Daytona Bike Week

Nice to see a local favorite come in and take the top spot, special thanks to all of the beautiful Wing House girls in the competition and the ones working hard serving. check out and Filmed at the Daytona International Speedway Wing House During Bike week 2017. Check out more videos from this event and many others.

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы 2017 WingHouse Bikini Contest — Daytona Bike Week

  1. #26 is absolutely gorgeous. Should have a modeling contract. 2, 15, and 24 are hot as well.

  2. I’d like to see a couple dark skinned black girls up their. Once once you go black that’s all you think about. Yummy

  3. The M/C sucked, and was always in the way. Damn I could have done better with zero experience. Not funny at all. Who hired him????

  4. How do you judge beautiful woman? you all should be ashamed! they were all created equal.

  5. Oh I wanna dance with a hotty. I wanna feel the heat with some hotty. Oh I wanna dance with some hotty…with some hotty that loves me.

    1. Well, get you some gold and have it ready dont stand on the side lines hating the beautiful women who pass you up because you catching feelings.

  6. yes amber is the best but no 30 and 26 are very close so it´s a matter of taste at the end

  7. Said #2 right from the beginning, Totally fit body (curves) + looks (dark hair for me!) + no tats!

  8. They are all absolute perfectly beautiful but I would have picked #9 as the winner because she is the cutest overall out of the finalists being my favorite wasn't in the final group. Everyone has there own taste in what is beautiful

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