Эротические клипы 2018 Ms. Motorama Pageant | Bikini Contest

This is my first pageant I have ever competed in. Ms. Motorama was amazing and I came in 1st for bikini and 3rd overall for the pageant. Hope you guys enjoyed!

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы 2018 Ms. Motorama Pageant | Bikini Contest

  1. Had a wonderful time competing in my first ever pageant! Had a blast posing in front of cars and trucks, as well as taking photos with fellow subscribers and Patreon supporters and of course signing posters! Hope you guys enjoyed this video! :)
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    1. Jeesh, the first place girl was nearly obese! I wish I could get that much attention from eating chili dogs and pizza. I'm not a fan boy; I just watch your videos from time to time and I can't imagine how weren't placed first. You were definitely best prepared for the prize.

    2. Christina Khalil go ahead dear good luck beautiful Christina lots of love ❤️ for you

  2. Christine you were far and away the best girl. The one who they gave it to had 20 lbs of flubber on her. Not even close.

  3. This right here proves that liberal women run everything. Plus size bikini models, and now this.

  4. Christina was best by far.
    BTW, regarding the other girls — no that's not a burn wound, that's my tattoo!

  5. Thanks for sharing !!
    Looked like good times and much congrats.
    You were the best model there no doubt !
    You should of won !
    But you should be proud regardless :)

  6. wow. Stunning. You were by far and away the winner here. As a red blooded American man, I appreciate all the hard work you but into your gorgeous physique and wish you the best of luck in future competitions.

  7. Those girls have got some of the worst figures ever — so out of shape, unfit and flabby! They should cover up — looks awful. Some have obviously never seen a camera before — awkward wave > coo eee!

  8. I think the World of you Christina. Your modesty makes you that much more Beautiful. I wish you and Jarrod all the Best… Your Number 1….

  9. She got robbed. And by girl that’s eating a lot of crap and not working out & is out of shape.

  10. If it was who rocked the troy lee shirt the best I'm for you. Shout to the toughest try on girl I've seen on the tube. Ragin.

  11. Katie and Athena both are very pretty girls. And of course you are the reason I subscribed thank you for being so beautiful

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