Эротические клипы 2019 Corvettes at Carlisle Bikini Contest

I had a really HARD time editing this video. (insert creeper laugh here)
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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы 2019 Corvettes at Carlisle Bikini Contest

  1. Only a female would walk around like this and then bitch when some male looks too long or whistles….But who cares….the view males get only proves females say one thing and do another.

  2. Honestly I kinda thought 4 shouldn’t have won at all but whatevs I liked 123 the most

    1. For real??? sweird. But don't hate. 4 is 38 years old and has 2 kids. The other girls are all 10+ years younger and none of them have even birthed even 1 child. If we graded on that curve, 4 would have been wayyy in first place.

  3. A third place winner in a four person contest?!? What the fuck? Very mean to exclude #1 from the photos. I guess there's only four decent women in that whole shitneck town.

  4. Here's a trade secret for publicising and promoting your event on Youtube or FB or Instagram. Never EVER pan back and show the audience. Keep the camera IN with the action.There wasn't a large audience for this event and it looked like you had room for plenty more on and off stage. I'd be suprised if there are any contestants at all next time..

    1. I know!!! They are fucking these bikini contests up! It's a shame. They seem to be sabotaging them on purpose though.

  5. Pennsylvania. Mob retaliation. Cover for cop. An Irishman was trying to put a woman in a mental hospital.

    1. Yeah. These Carlisle contests are't as awesome as they used to be. I remember early 2000's — sometimes the row of contestants stretched the entire way across the stage.

  6. Any girl that's into the band AC/DC is for me. My favorite band. 2 & 4 are AC/DC fans, but I would go with #2. Hot Damn!!!! Glad she won. Way to go Emily!!

    1. Oh, so back in the old days there was a lot of women in these bikini contests, but now there's only few? And what did social media have to do with it?

  7. Just for once, I'd like to see a contest without high heels. It would be interesting to see these women the way I see women at my local pool. Just for comparison sake.

    1. For them to look like the women that hit the water around where I live, they'd need to pack on some globs of fat, cut their hair (and dye it blue or green), and hit a few tattoo parlors.

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