40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы 2019 Miss ECSC Swimsuit Pageant — Virginia Beach, VA

  1. I always laugh, smile,….when the announcer says….'her occuption is…'
    It's hard to take them seriously, or imagine them professionally, when they are all bouncy and fluffy and colorful in a bikini.

  2. HAIL CAESAR ! ! ! I would take five of these beautiful women all at the same time altogether.

  3. There were more love making than there would be a whole lot less dying with these beautiful women.

  4. Okay so who's idea was it to bring your daughter to work day? After watching the whole vid 7,8,9,10,11,12, damn how the hell is any man gay? Just asking, so beautiful

  5. I've lived here in Virginia Beach for a while now and until I came across this here video clip just now I didn't even know they had a bikini contest here!

  6. "she's got triple D's and who cares about the rest" I laughed so hard!! My kinda girl!!

  7. Todas estuvieron hermosas porque no tuvieron tatues jajaja (a excepción del 11, 13) y discretamente el 5, pero los cuerpos bien tonificado bellezas de mujeres.

  8. Um, maybe just me but wish of all these shows, one of the filmers would try their zoom sometime.

  9. can't find a sitter so might as well bring her to work…maybe she will find inspiration

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