Эротические клипы 2019 Truck Nationals Bikini Contest

Solid competition at the Carlisle Fairgrounds 2019 Truck Nationals. Cameron’s hot mom, Amanda got 2nd place.
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13 thoughts on “Эротические клипы 2019 Truck Nationals Bikini Contest

  1. Cams mom should have did a burn out and broke your truck…def would have gotten the win.

    1. Is that a thing? I still have my original channel that has 7500 subs, but comments were blocked.

    2. @WHIPBASH Nah. Just joking bud! Keep that energy up and those updates coming. This channel is gonna go far

  2. ..too bad the shaft fell off the truck, really wanted to see it burn the tires up… Btw, the mustang burning the tires up for the baby's boy/girl reveal was pretty cool too. …in Carlisle huh? cool, ..wouldn't mind getting up there with Dad in his car.. a police model Impala with a 454LSX shoved in it, purposely built as a sleeper car.. you would appreciate that, I'm sure. ..as far as bikini contest.. Amanda and Jojo are top two, although if Amanda is more than 5yrs older than Jojo, have to give the #1 spot to Amanda.

  3. so the girl that broke the truck by throwing it in reverse has an engineering degree? shes lucky that drive shaft was held in by tape cause it would have been the trans had that not happened but then she would have known that

  4. Oh my!!!….Times have changed…the females used to be sexy and pretty, these girls look like they've been doing the trucks.

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