Эротические клипы Angeles City Philippines P.5 Score Birds Bikini Contest #bikini #contest #scorebirds #hotel

Score Birds Hotel has the longest running bikini contest in Angeles supposedly. They say every Saturday it starts at 2 p.m. but it doesn’t really start until around 3 p.m.
There are 10 candidates for the contest from each clubs in the area. They are wearing their best swimsuit with white top. White top bra has a purpose while wearing their best high heels. Before they start walking on the stage the guys sprays around their bikini and have a photo-shoot.
The bikini contest has judges but the crowd can also vote by buying beads then throwing them into the pool for the girl they thought was most deserving. This was entertaining but some of the guests have very bad aim when they throw.
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    1. @BARBER WORLD TV im gonna go this Saturday coming up. Can you still drink with this alcohol ban they got. I missed my flight back to Houston tx on account of the dam lockdown. I been bored off my ass watching reruns from scorebirds

    2. @BARBER WORLD TV then its closed to the public, i thought you were here in the Philippines. Im here in angeles city stuck until after the covid-19 pandemic is over in America

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