Эротические клипы Angeles City Philippines: [Part 3] Swimsuit Contest — Miss Queen Of Crystal Palace — Final Beads 🇵🇭

The swimsuit component of the Miss Queen Of Crystal Palace 2016 contest, shot Wednesday November 16th, 2016 at Crystal Palace located on Real Street, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines.

Angeles City is an urban city located in the Pampanga province of the Philippines. It was previously the home of Clark Air Base which was the largest US military facility outside of the continental United States.

The name comes from the Spanish El Pueblo de los Ángeles, ‘The Town of the Angels’… Fields Avenue forms the hub of nightlife in Angeles City, and its proximity to Clark International Airport means it is visited by tourists all year round. Due to the presence of the US military base, Angeles City became known for its nightlife and has been dubbed the ‘sin city’ of the Philippines.

The Miss Queen Of Crystal Palace was a four day event, starting with a pool party held at Score Birds hotel, followed by a talent contest, a swimsuit and evening gown contest, and the finals & grand coronation. This video was shot at the third event and is of the final round of beads being awarded and the 10 finalists being announced to go through to the final round. The members of the audience vote by throwing beads on stage for their favourite contestants.

Crystal Palace is a Dollhouse Group bar and is located behind Fields Avenue Walking Street on Real Street. Other bars in the Dollhouse Group are Club Atlantis, Tropix, Club Asia, Pony Tails and Dollhouse Bar.

★ Finals Of Miss Queen Of Crystal Palace:
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[Part 3]:

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