Эротические клипы Bikini Competition contest Stage Walking How to Pose NPC IFBB Diana Whitt

How to video on bikini competition walking on stage, Contests within the NPC IFBB look for certain front poses & back poses. Scrunch butt bottoms are required for the shows to show off your glutes. Tilting your hips and arching your back really helps from the judges eye view on stage. Competitor Diana Whitt

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  1. I'm afraid whatever is 'different' about you was what was keeping you from winning bigger shows. Necessary evil — but now you hold trump card…your face will now topple the others in the field as the playing field is now even.

  2. Body like that I like way better than when they so dry with ugly tan!!! This is real feminine side of the woman, smooth skin, curves, soft body and by soft I don't mean fat I mean fit but not 2-4% body fat… When I touch a girl I don't like her body being harder than mine plus all the good stuff disappears when they drop body fat that much.

  3. You and so many of you all are gorgeous and beautiful — to say the least, but the poses that are the standard norm do not compliment the physique. You all look like super hero's… why not incorporate or partner up Disney, Marvel or DC Comics into the mix to not only boost the poses themselves to a "superhero" level. I think it's time to bring on a brand that can lift the sport to a higher level?

  4. I love these girls. So eager to show us their tight asses. They so much just want to get on the floor on all fours and get fucked really good.

  5. Just viewed your channel mate, absolutely love the content. Subscribed straight away, We should connect!

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