Эротические клипы Bikini Competition: My Story

Competing is a frequently asked question. I share my story, experience and behind the scenes, that weren’t always so glamourous.

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Bikini Competition: My Story

  1. I competed for the first time last year and after my competition I got really really sick! I ended up at the hospital with rhabdomyolysis, the doctor said I was lucky that I came in when I did. I was hospitalized for 9 days with IV drip 24/7. He said I could have had a heart attack or brain damage.
    My last 2 weeks of prep my coach put me on 3h of cardio 7 days a week. I lost sooo much muscles. My diet was very restricted so after the comp I just ate whatever I could get my hands on. I gained 10kg after the competition. At least now I know more then I did before.

    1. Ana Bringman thanks Ana, I'm much better now. I got a different coach now and we will definitely do this time a lot different then the last one.

  2. Oh my god Jen finally someone who is opening up about a topic like this! Thank you sooo much. I experienced exactly the same and felt so so ashamed and a total failure. Now I am in my third year of nutrition and dietetics and hope that one day I can inform people like you do! Lots of love ❤️

  3. What kinda questions should I be asking when interviewing a coach? what kind of warning signs should I look out for?

  4. This was so awesome. I'm just getting back into working out and eating but this time I'm excited to take it to a whole other level. I have goals now I want to achieve. Just subscribed and If you coaching for bikini competitions at all I so want you to be my coach. If you ever decide to lol. Anyway I wanted to also take the opportunity to share with you a message. Jesus loves you and I pray you have accepted him in your heart as your Lord and Savior. It's about building a true and intimate relationship with the father. God bless you warrior princess.

  5. OMG!  This brought back so many bad memories from my previous competition prep.  Even though I had fun at the actual competitions, it took months before my body fully recovered from what it went through from prep.  Never again!  Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. I would love to hear about the kinds of books that you read and studied when you were getting started figuring all this out! Anyone can publish an ebook now so there are so many books that don't have any actual advice or any good information!

  7. That's an amazing video Jen, I'm glad I found a great coach and the competition bodies are NOT sustainable at all and I really wish more women would tell the world about it.

  8. I wanted to compete really bad, as I had developed a love for the gym,and being healthy overall.. I was in full prep-mode, and 2 weeks out I started feeling really terrible and had pain in my abdominal area, so I decided to go to the doctor, we then saw that my endometriosis had returned, and that I had a cyst on my right kidney (the specialist said that I was possibly born with a small cyst, but due to the high protein intake, my kidneys were struggling to process everything, and so the cyst had grown substantially). So at that point I was forced to step back, and take care of my health first.. Underwent the needed procedures and ended up having to go on hormones, etc..
    I gained 7kg's (15lbs) from the hormones, and ended up having other issues too, so much so, that I couldn't gym for almost 2 months..
    I am now back in the gym, and I have VERY slowly started to lose the weight, and only due to my husband constantly reassuring, and supporting me, am I finally able to be okay with everything and the way I look..
    I just wish people would be more open about the risks there are for women competing, because of our hormones, etc..
    Thanks for this video! You always manage to inspire so many women to be strong, and comfortable in their skin**

  9. Out of the MANY wonderful fitness people I have found on YouTube You are truly a kind,caring, compassionate and educated individual. I love to watch your inspiring videos. I have wondered about what its like to compete and what it would do to ones body and how it would react afterwards. Its like you answered me and I didn't even ask LOL
    Thank you for sharing your story and educating us.

  10. What happened with the edema you got after eating carbs again? I think I am going through that right now. I was trying to introduce carbs again after being low carb for more that a year. it wasn't a lot I thought but I started with swelling from the waste down. I have hypothyroid already so my doctor checked my levels to rule that out. will the swelling subside? would u recommend backing down again and going even slower? I only added 30 carbs after workouts with sweet potatoe. my doctor doesn't think the the carbs would do that but I don't agree. any advice would be greatly appreciated because I am miserable

  11. Thank you for sharing your story and being so honest and real about what you experienced.

  12. i am looking to get certified in fitness and nutrition, can you please point me in a direction for classes? I'm on the east coast but maybe online classes?

  13. horrible coaching. .if he has no answers for you even though you went him first and he got mad at you!!! what's wrong wth him!?

  14. Hi Jen! I'm wondering where you got your nutrition certification from ? I am interested in getting mine as well.

  15. jeez your prep sounded way more horrible than any prep ive seen. im trying to do a work towards being able to do a prep but i want to do it with flexable eating and im vegan so it maybe be a little more lenient

  16. Not sure if you mentioned this in the video or not (I had it mostly playing while I worked, so I could have missed it) but… I've always wondered why men and women who compete tend to have super dark tans?

  17. I find it very sad that women subject their bodies to this only for appearing on stage for ONE DAY. Not even 24 hours!! If they were doing this to retain this body for the rest of their lives and look this good all the time, I would understand. But they are putting their body through this crisis just so they can appear before judges for a few hours and then go home, call it a day and go back to normal life. Its like people who spend 100k, 200k on a wedding. The wedding only lasts 4-6 hours yet they spend all this money on something that isnt even going to last 24 hours. After competing many women gain weight back and feel depressed. Its a cycle of abuse. Boggles my mind. How much money do they win in these competitions? Is it enough money to sacrifice their health for it? Even if someone gave me 1 million dollars to compete and put my health in such a deprived state I would never do it. Money comes and goes, beauty comes and goes, but your health is with you forever. Thanks for educating us.

  18. I m 70 kg
    I do 2 hrs workout every day
    And 30 min cardio
    I lost 7 kg as i was earlier 77 kg
    But now m stuck to 70 kg how to loose fat now ?

  19. This sounds like what happened to me. Now I have an amazing coach! Great story!

  20. Hey, you look great. Just wanted to say, not my place to, so glad you chose not to buy the blow up boobs. It looks so out of place on a woman that has trained so hard to be misshapen by an out of proportion chest. Again, not my place to have said anything, I just think many women would probably like to have a chance to rethink the choice.
    What did your shirt say? Thanks!

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