Эротические клипы Bikini Competition Prep on a Budget & Costs of Competing

Planning to compete in a NPC Bikini Competition but don’t have a huge budget or want to break the bank? This video will help you figure out what the costs are associated with competing, and how you can cut down on costs to make it affordable. From custom Bikinis on Etsy, spray tans, jewelry from Amazon, doing your own nails, to eating affordably, these tips will help keep your costs reasonable rather than spend thousands on one fitness competition.

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19 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Bikini Competition Prep on a Budget & Costs of Competing

    1. Holly Pinkham I saw aspire swimwear on eBay! They advertise as posing suits though. Do you feel like the quality is as good as other competition suits? What cut did you get on bottom?

    2. Hi Jamie, on Etsy they advertise as Competition Bikinis — weird! It is the only suit I've worn, so I can't exactly compare, but I researched types of material and all of that and for me it worked great. I had no issues with it and my posing coach loved it, and she's a fitness pro, so she's done lots of shows. I got the micro cut.

  1. So helpful! How long before your competition did you order your suit? I'm worried about ordering too early when I won't know my measurements; then again, I'm also concerned about ordering it later and it shipping way too close to the show. Thanks for the video!

    1. Hi Emily, it all depends on where you're ordering from. I emailed the maker of mine and she told me when to purchase. I think she was able to do it within 2 weeks. But I ordered about a month out I think. Maybe 5 weeks. I would aim for 6 weeks probably to be safe, as I know some companies take a lot longer. That way you also have time to make sure it fits correctly and get adjustments if needed. Just don't order too far out or your measurements will change a lot and it may not be tight enough. The lady I ordered from did take into account that weight would be lost, so I think she fits them a bit small for that reason. I think most good companies know you'll lose weight after you order and will make some adjustments. Just make to sure ask them if they do that and ask how they want to receive your measurements.

  2. Do you have a pic of the back of your suit on you? I'm wondering if the micro cut will be too small for my association? (NANBF)

  3. thanks for this. im completely self coach but not new to working out and eating. I asked around but no one willing to help with the little help here and there. so i take all the help from youtube. thanks so much for being informative.:)

  4. I viewed your channel mate, absolutely love the content. Subbed straight away, We should connect!

  5. I have white teeth but they are not straight. I am self conspious. Do my teeth matter as long as I can smile pretty?

  6. Great video! I’m getting ready for my first show and have been overwhelmed trying to figure out how this works. Thank you for your honesty.

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