Эротические клипы Bikini Contest 2015 at Gilligan’s Island Bar Siesta Key Sarasota in 4k UHD

The Bikini Contest at Gilligan’s Island Bar is always a popular destination for locals and Spring Breakers alike. Beautiful fitness and swimsuit models and the cute girl next door turn out to win cash! Proving that Sarasota is where the pretty girls and beautiful people come to have fun. Just check out the smiles on the many pretty faces to see how much fun there is to be had at Siesta Key Beach.

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For my 2014 Bikini Contest video see:

Follow the beautiful bikini girls at:
Marissa Everhart at:
Renee Mattos at:
Brenna Butler at: and

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13 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Bikini Contest 2015 at Gilligan’s Island Bar Siesta Key Sarasota in 4k UHD

  1. One hundred years from now, hopefully human beings would evolve to a higher level of consciousness and all of this would look ridiculous. Anyway, thanks for sharing your video.

  2. Craig, seniors tube here…
    a reminder…next time you shoot the bikini contest u probably need an assitance of some sort…let me know…I am there, no charge!

    1. @Jamaal Williams So….wouldn't that include you for choosing to watch this vid in the first place? The title does begin with "Bikini Contest 2015…."

  3. Dear Craig, please kindly tell me that what is the camera used to shoot this-give me the brand and model number as i'm looking fro a good 4k camera to buy.t tnk u.i hope a soon reply.

    1. Nc t hear tht its fz1000 bcs I hv fz300.But i don' t knw hw to gt ths qulty by fz300.so cn u pls put a shory video to youtube tht how u made da settings to do such a wonderfull video.it wil b useful to all people who owns fz's.thk u indeed

  4. Tnx Graig , u r a wonderfull person truely. Now i shl try a fz 1000 to buy. Bye & pls put some other bikini shoots like this in other years 2015 , 2016 , 2017 also

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