13 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Bikini Contest 2017

  1. I really enjoy these contests!  Lots of beautiful girls showing off and having a great time.  :)  How often are these contests held?

  2. Hey!  Did you manage to make it out for this weekend's bikini contest (the last one of the year)??  If so, no spoilers please, but I'm really rooting for Elsa if she's in it again!  :)

    1. Mark Jackson I did ended up attending the last one but Elsa wasn't there but there was a few new candidates and the video for the last bikini contest will be loaded up in a few hours

    2. Awesome!  Thanks for getting back to me.  Too bad about Elsa but I'm stoked to see the new girls!! :)

  3. 11:30 wow what an unexpected surprise. thank you. my new years resolutions eat better exercise more stop masturbating to bikini contest videos on youtube epic fail

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