40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Bikini Contest at the Rezmade Car Show 5/13/2017

  1. I'm a man that appreciates the female form, that said, there is a time and place for this type of activity and it's not at a supposed family event like a lowrider show. The girls used to just dress up in a nice bathing suit and walk the runway. I miss the good old days. This is the reason why I can't take my grandchildren to these events anymore. The language, the attitude, the women, it used to be about the cars,family,pride. Que pasa Raza?

  2. Evy is also wow!!!!!!! Just one thing in mind watching her……..and that is politics and chess……

  3. Outta the final 3, the female that won probably danced better…the one that didn’t have a ton of applause had best shaped ass…she jus needed better dance moves…the one in red should of won because she was a combination of both

  4. Number 2 shouldn't of been there, but its funny that the girls behind her started taking off their heels after the crowd reacted to #2 shaking

  5. Should be called dance contest ,cause the first girl should of won the bikini contest….

  6. Eu realmente vejo uma cultura muito forte nesse movimento .Rock Rol é isso mesmo mim faz sentir toques de Rock

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