Эротические клипы bikini contest | bike parade | cop chase all at The Steel Horse Rally Fort Smith Arkansas

The Steel Horse Rally is a charity motorcycle event dedicated to all who serve and benefits several local charities. This year, four local charities were selected from those who applied, to benefit from the rally. The two-day Steel Horse Rally charity event had one of the largest positive economic impacts ever on the region. Early estimates of the annual charity event indicate a large crowd of 80,000 people and an estimated economic impact for the local area of more than $16.5 Million.

We want to Thank Dennis & Karen Snow for working so hard for our local communities & inviting us to be part of this record breaking rally!

Music: Permission granted
Fuel — songs played during the filming of Steel Horse Rally & concert of the motorcycle rally. Media passes where obtained & permission granted to use audio & video footage.

Sons of Turner — Father Son duo from Fort Smith Arkansas

2019 Road Glide Special (industrial denim Gray) with Stage 2.
S&S slip ons
Fuel Pack

LED lights:
Custom Dynamics Amber/White ProBEAM® Front Turn Signals
Custom Dynamics Red/Red ProBEAM® Rear Turn Signals 
Custom Dynamics NEW Low Profile Bag Lights
Custom Dynamics Dual Intensity TriBAR Light
Custom Dynamics TruBEAM Road Glide Headlight  
Custom Dynamics Magic Strobes™ RSG
Kuryakyn Saddlebag Hinge Accents
Kuryakyn LED Accent Strip Lights

Ciro3d Phone Mount
RickRak Gas Kap Keeper
RickRak GoPro Mount
King H-D Two-up Luggage Rack
H-D Rider backrest organizer
Singletrack Street Grim Tool Roll
RickRak Top Deck II Luggage
Sena Momentum Lite Smart Helmets
Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain suits

Harley-Davidson EVO on KraftTech rigid frame. Built bits & pieces from a variety of bikes & material.

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17 thoughts on “Эротические клипы bikini contest | bike parade | cop chase all at The Steel Horse Rally Fort Smith Arkansas

  1. Drink beer and look in the mirror. What happens when you have had a few and you think you look good? Looked like a lot lot of fun. Glad it was for a good cause. Rubber side down and let the miles roll on.

  2. My buddy and his wife never wanted to come with us but all of a sudden one day they are like we have to go and see what you do. We're like fine. They had a modeling contest and a wet T-shirt contest, but mostly we walked up and down looking at all the bikes. and what was for sale. Well on the ride home they said you know all you guys did was look at all the motorcycles all day. We told them. " Why do you think we went."

  3. A bicycle on a bicycle, a cop chasing a cop and some of the finest ass…ets Arkansas has to offer. And man wasn't Steph lookin good!

  4. Nice job, as usual.

    Hey.. I don't know if you didn't see it or just ignored me.. any thoughts about going to the Smokeout Rally in Rockingham, NC on June 14th and 15th? I'm mostly asking because I'm gonna be there are would love to meet in person if you're gonna be too. And.. I think you'd dig it.

    You know.. if you're on the fence…

  5. I've had company and am finally getting caught up on all the channels I usually watch. I started this channel, the other one was just for commenting, so I could start motovlogging. I figure after having been riding for 50+ years it was time to start putting vids on YT. If y'all have time give a watch and offer suggestions. Bonus for y'all, now I get to also sub, hit the bell icon, thumbs up and comment using my new channel. Looked you guys had a good time.

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