40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Bikini Contest Etown 90’s PT1

  1. women… i remember them. they used to laugh. fluffy hair and ridiculousy high cut bikinis, but it was all a laugh and they were great.

  2. Wow the 90's girls were so hot! pure feminine bodies without tattoos. I love it! How i just wish I could go back. Believe it or not but the 90's were the last of pure feminine when it comes to girls…..man these days everything is so F***ed up…i swear. Least these girls had their own hairstyle too….not all boring and straight like these days.

  3. That’s one of the best set of contestants I’ve seen , it would be tuff to pick just one

  4. I miss being in my teens in the 90's……..Summers were the best then…..Women today all look like DUDES.

  5. You know hot women in the 1990's wouldn't give me the time of day. I turn 40, & I was taking the A-train from beauties 1/2 my age.

  6. HAIL CAESAR ! ! ! I would take five of these beautiful women all at the same time altogether.

  7. There was more love making than there would be a whole lot less dying with these beautiful women.

  8. Darling, do that little turn on the catwalk, so fine so fully packed.
    A bevy of beauty’s. My goodness I can’t decide,, I’ll take them all in a package deal.
    All that and a marvelous cook as well.

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