17 thoughts on “Эротические клипы bikini contest from Dave Hardman 1

  1. awesome pity those girls nowadays dont wear those anymore, those girls were awesome back then, this is awesome thanks for sharing

    1. These days, girls don't bother to get fit — if they do, then they're 'fitness models on instagram' that sit still and take ass selfies. The internet has ruined stripping, because now they can just sit still and smile on twitch or onlyfans, and rake in money, and no need to visit the gym more than once a week. They don't get up to dance, and only show their ass if that. If paid, they only have to show their genitalia or blow a kiss and say thank you; VIP is at best a solo, with nothing too fancy except some sex toys they bought (no skill required other than lewdness; just them enjoying themselves). They can even get upset if they don't get paid enough, because there are a lot of men who will pay no matter what. (ie. simps)

      The overhead cost of a strip club is simply too much compared to the competition, so they're closing down all over the place. No one has had the balls to risk their finances to host a virtual strip club. Those girls looked better back in the 80s and 90s, because getting paid depended on their attitude on the job, their ability to dance, and the ability to look really good on stage, so they would get crazy fit to look the part. They put in the effort, even though the money was the same as it is now, because there wasn't much alternatives for sex workers.

  2. Someone please invent time machine so I can go back to get laid with those beautiful creatures

  3. They don't wear high cuts anymore because they don't make bodies like those anymore. They were all natural unlike today's bodies

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