12 thoughts on “Эротические клипы BIKINI CONTEST SCORE BIRDS APRIL 2014

  1. Helloooooooo number 47.  Good lord!!!!!    Oh how I love the Filipina let me count the ways..    

  2. Some really good talent.  Are these girls from the local bars, and available for EWR/Barfine?  And guys on some of the forums say there are only fluglies with kids in Angeles.

  3. Warning: If you don't like Filipina girls or Asian women or Life in the philippines — Then you have no business being on this page. Go somewhere else please.

    1. @Federico Baena Don't flatter them too much, they are too skinny and ugly, obviously there is a feeding problem in the Philipines, that's why they eat bugs, cats and dogs, therefore they have no business coming to the US and leech off our welfare system…kapeesh ?

  4. That was among the best Fili line-ups I've ever seen. Some of the ladies are actually somewhat fit, and a few of them are actually really great.

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