Эротические клипы BIKINI FITNESS — Best ever in Sweden

Filmed a while back this video is the best and only pro lineup ever completed on Swedish soil in a bikini competition.

Athletes in the video:
Valeria Ammirato
Nina Ross
Narmin Assria
Eller Elle-Nabi
Jaana Malytcheva
Cassandra Marshall — Instagram unknown
Annie Parker
Karina Skowronska

Filmed during Fitnessgalan 2015 no other competition has yet had a pro competition in Sweden.


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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы BIKINI FITNESS — Best ever in Sweden

  1. Disagree?
    106 Best face and those long legs OMG, That strut and she'd settle in on motorcycle seat- stands with legs wide and ready, elegant charm 1st place
    104 top three freakN hips- her face is top 2- daddys spoiled little girl. Her broken left ribs knock off some points.
    105 guys I think those are real breasts and top two in stomach- she got a nice gap and her rear view top 3 — pretty face but look almost like excessive cosmetic surgery.
    101 take a 2nd look guys be careful, hot AF but the stomach with lots of guy charismatics and wider shoulders n jaw and chest cleavage kinda like a guy, receding hair line for her age, be careful what you get tangled up with in bed, either way this one would be a wild one in bed, dangerous and without a panty check 4th place.
    102 she doesnt have the best of anything but something about her charisma and her face is top three-she would Not like her spankings. might have real breasts,
    107 her hair and face are her eye catcher- posture is her enemy, legs are to straight lock knee holding her chest out to much,
    103 any of you guys would be in love but doesnt make the cut.
    99 reminds of my x ,DQ'd on the bitch scale, butt nicest bum ya know. Smug thinks she to good n just standing there — get her off the stage.

  2. Obviously these women are incredibly fit but I just don’t like the fake tans. What’s wrong with a woman’s natural skin tone?

  3. If I was judging, all the girls are tan, toned and beautiful. Really nothing that separates one from the other except one thing….calves that EXPLODE at you. If they didn't have that one thing, points deducted.

  4. I saw no guns to any of their heads. How many of them will denounce such competitions as sexist and inappropriate in the future when they are old ,chunky, and less pretty?

  5. Perfect combination of toned muscle, femininity, beauty and class. The first girl in black with dark hair is a perfect 10!

  6. These are not beautiful woman they are sick narcissist so what they want to show off their camel toe

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