Эротические клипы Body Paint Sable vs Jacqueline Bikini Contest (Rena Mero and Jerry Lawler Bikini)


In this video WWE Superstar #Sable AKA #renamero takes on Miss Jackie in a #bikinicontest with Jerry Lawler as the host. What happens when the #bikinis come off and there is nothing left but body paint? Amy sees all of this action for the first time and gives her honest reactions to #WWE in the #attitudeera! WOW!

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Body Paint Sable vs Jacqueline Bikini Contest (Rena Mero and Jerry Lawler Bikini)

  1. I think you need a better title for your series but it's nice to see this revisit to that era

  2. I don't know if Sable had many "good" matches. She is an incredibly beautiful woman but her wrestling was not great. Jaqueline had some issues finding women willing to work with her because she had a stiff (hard hitting) technique. She had a rather good match in WCW against Chavo Guerrero JR where she won the Cruiserweight championship. I don't know if Jaqueline trained Sable but she definitely trained a number of women, including working on the Tuff Enuff" show.

  3. I was in the arena that night. It was amazing but I bet it was awkward for my parents who took me.

  4. I thought Amy Amy said "i like her boobs" — boots, red boots so i stand corrected

    Snowman don't get distracted by any "slips" so just have an Amy Amy cam and we will keep an eye out!

    The Sable era was actually good for all future female talents- her quote about "all the woman who want to be me & all the men who come to see me" was cool at the time atleast.

    Early DX (HBK & HHH) with CHYNA would be fun — HBK interactions with CHYNA was very amusing!

  5. I think this was in Fresno California i was at this what a time to be a fan. If you want to see more of this kind of thing you should watch terri vs trish paddle on a pole match

  6. The bizarre thing now is that the majority of the male wrestlers, wrestle half-naked. They all look like they're trying out to be male strippers, wearing skimpy speedos, all oiled up and tanned. Yet the female Wrestlers dress as conservatively as possible. If they wear shorts the shorts cover the booty entirely from top to bottom. And then in addition to that they will always wear old lady pantyhose under their shorts. To this day I do not understand why they make all the female wrestlers wear pantyhose under their shorts. It is insanely unattractive. Yet at the same time the male wrestlers wrestle in skimpy little trunks. It really is beyond bizarre that the men wrestle half-naked and the women tend to be covered head-to-toe.

  7. I feel so old when you say this has been over 20 years! When this first aired I "watched" it on one of the old scrambled channels so I didn't know how the handprint-bodypaint look until a month later.

    I don't know if either of you have a Ps3 or a Wii but IMO one of the best crash courses on the Attitude Era is in video game WWE '13.

    Ironically I feel Sable was much sexier a few months earlier than this in Unforgiven's Evening Gown Match with Luna. The thing she wore there and angles the cameras got with her in it, how the bra carried her… Check it out!

  8. Jacqueline body was killing Sable little raggedy ass. Even in 98 I was saying this.

  9. I remember of course being shocked and loving it because I was 12 but today? I realize, Jacky was the real winner. Jacky had a body! My God.

    1. Sable is far more attractive, Jaq’s body is a bit to ripped for me to find attractive, Sable wins for me

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