Эротические клипы California Girl Bikini Contest #1

First California Girl Bikini Contest at Oscar’s Night Club in Anaheim, California.
Among the contestants Leslee Bremmer, Denise and Kim Schreyer, Monique Gabrielle.


1.Cheryl 1:20
2.Brenda 7:09
3.Leslee (Leslee Bremmer) 12:32
4.Renee (Renee Way) 17:25
5.Donna 21:49
6.Karen 26:54
7.Denise (Denise Schreyer) 32:00
8.Kimberly (Kimberly Schreyer) 36:55
9.Monique (Monique Gabrielle) 43:13
10.Annie 48:50

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33 thoughts on “Эротические клипы California Girl Bikini Contest #1

    1. I sure do!Quality isn't great but we're lucky someone ripped these VHS in the first place :)

  1. OMG I hope you have CGBC 2, 6, 8 & 16 as well. And more of the California Fox Hunt Contests! The late 80's to early 90's…what an era for beautiful BABES!!!!!! Please, please keep them coming.

  2. Wth were the judges smoking because Monique should've easily won. She didn't have to buy her tits like most of the others. Shit like this is probably what drove her to get fake cans later in life.

  3. Think about it, guys…most..if not all..of these babes are now pushing 60!….I wonder if they are still hot at 60…

    1. Correct. I can provide details. But yes, this brings back memories of 30+ years ago:)

    2. Who were you? I would have loved to meet you at that time! They were all beautiful and sexy mmm

  4. Brenda and Donna are absolutely gorgeous! Especially Donna in that pink and black sling shot bikini just gorgeous! More videos with them please

    1. @Candice Mess You pick the time tomorrow, and I'll be ready. I'll get the message in my email, so even if you delete it, I'll still have a record of it.

    2. @Candice Mess I just woke up. It did not work. if you try again, don't send another message afterwords, because it will replace the email. I'll stay logged on today. I'll message you when I got it.

    3. @Candice Mess If you're gonna do the same time tomorrow, I'll try to be ready, but gimme a break. I work late. Heh. I'll set my alarm for about 9am (here) tomorrow morning. I hope that works for you. If you send and delete, again don't follow it up with another message. I'll let you know when I got it.

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