Эротические клипы California Girl Bikini Contest #14

The California Girl Bikini Contest #14 at Oscar’s Night Club in Anaheim, California.
The 10 finalists from CGBC#13 battle for the first place!


1.Virginia 1:07
2.Pamela (Pamela Brown) 5:58
3.Christy (Christy Sandoval) 12:13
4.Julie (Julie»Blaze» Fulkerson) 17:36
5.Hope (Hope Marie Carlton) 23:22
6.Mercedes 28:40
7.Jeannie (Jeannie Sweet) 33:13
8.Bridget (Brooke Thompson) 38:42
9.Ashley 44:28
10.Tiffany Ann (Cheryl Johnson) 49:18

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18 thoughts on “Эротические клипы California Girl Bikini Contest #14

  1. Lineup is so strong here… but I'm picking Hope in that bikini every time. Apologies to Brooke, Mercedes and Tiffany Ann.

  2. This is the greatest channel on youtube!! Thanks for all the great videos. Do you have the Contest where Lei is wearing a yellow slingshot bikini. Thanks.

  3. Virginia wins for me. Her fit body in that tiny little string bikini is just too much.

    Close second to Brooke. No one could ever top her sensuality, that's for sure.

  4. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for putting this great collection together. My all time favorite is Pam Brown, does anyone know whatever happened to her? Also love Tiffany Ann, such a performer…all the girls are great…thanks again and keep em coming

  5. Bridgett will always get my vote…any girl who dances in black shiny thigh high boots is a winner…

  6. I'm not going to lie I saw those Virginia handcuffs and I was a little more than excited, smokin'! Loved the women of the 80's and rock, it was all good.

  7. A room full of drunk horny men makes me wonder how those girls got out of there without getting gangbanged.smh

  8. Awesome channel, brilliant video! I came here for Tiffany Ann, but it is so cool that the whole event is captured, which really brings you back to the past, allowing one to see how it was back then! Are you, the video uploader, the guy who announces all the girls in these vids?

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