Эротические клипы California Girl Bikini Contest #3

Third California Girl Bikini Contest at Oscar’s Night Club in Anaheim, California.


1.Sherry 3:00
2.Didn’t show up!
3.Kim (Kimberly Schreyer) 7:30
4.Donna 13:17
5.Julie (Julie Kruis) 18:00
6.Denise (Denise Schreyer) 23:41
7.Cindy (Cindy Taylor) 28:00
8.Robin (Maureen Flaherty) 32:09
9.Renee (Renee Way) 38:45

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13 thoughts on “Эротические клипы California Girl Bikini Contest #3

  1. You know its a classic when you see those VCR tracking lines……………2nd comment …: WTF is a VCR?……..VCR is all the toxic gasses that escape from the canisters of HAIR spray these wonderful dancers ,that seem to have no sense of timing or a beat , They look lost without a pole .Good times…CB thanks for the memories

  2. Never knew of this series back then WOW More enjoyable than playboy films at that time I think

  3. How can you not like Kim. What a cute babe who knows how to play the audience and enjoys a lot of sex! She was great. All of these girls blow away today's tattooed skanks. These were the BEST times for men and real women.

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