Эротические клипы California Girls Bikini Contest CGBC Vol. 16 — Complete

California Girls Bikini Contest Volume 16.
Thank you @revolcane for the VHS Rip.Visit them here:

02:30 Karen Croney
08:02 Lei
14:29 Christy M
20:17 Jeannie
25:47 Marisa
31:54 Michelle
37:51 Brandy
42:47 Bridget Brooke Thompson
47:47 Julie
53:02 Pamela
1:00:17 Bianca
1:06:23 Dana
1:11:43 Tiffany Ann
1:17:55 Summary

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30 thoughts on “Эротические клипы California Girls Bikini Contest CGBC Vol. 16 — Complete

    1. Thank you again for the rip @revoclane. You are the best!
      I added credits on the description too.

  1. Compared this to my Bitchute upload and my final video render. Man Youtube compression is shite :P

  2. Its so hard to get a good vhs to pc video card. I've tried transferring stuffand I get that damn flickeringand banding. I'm in awe of such a clean transfer you achieved. And can we get a 3 hour vidoe of just Brooke Thompson. Anyone know what happened to her? Did she just retire?

    1. Took me a few VCR's bought at Goodwill because my original had distortion at the top. I hooked it up to an RCA to HDMI converter then to an inexpensive EZCAP capture card. Used OBS to record it.

    2. @revolcane I subscribed your channel a long time ago. your video are great. thank u . Do you have Bikini beach party series ?

    3. @thuonganh56 Maybe not in VHS form. I'll have to look if I downloaded it from somewhere. You can also ask TheBikiniOpenPPV for help.

  3. Hopefully you can 1080p the ending where the women gather together, finalists & winners clip. All the girls together on stage are hot.

  4. I think this is the first time someone uploaded the full uncut contest. Thanks a lot TheBikiniOpenPPV and specially you Revolcane.

    PD: Do you also have Volume 8? I think it's incomplete and nobody uploaded the full version.

  5. What a show you upload please upload more long length new shows like that thankyou very much

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