40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Cape Canaveral , bikini contest cruise , part two

  1. O lawd. I love how this turns into how girls can't walk in heels. I've been on Victory in very, very small kitten sized heels and flat shoes. That dance floor is freaking slippery as hell. 

  2. next time,
     i willnot miss it, i will be there with claudia, for sure.

  3. The aspirations make me laugh, they all wanna be business owners and rich lol Don`t we all.

  4. This video had 666 comments or over a year now I'm comment number 667. Your welcome people

  5. Better make one of these cruises over winter down under anyways the redhead should have been the winner lol

  6. How did 7 win ? at 9:30 the final score paper gave 5 a total of 44, 7 got 43 ? Did someone get lucky later in one of the cabins ?

  7. How doe's Nicole Hampton not win this one, And also this was over 3 years ago she was younger here she a little more curvy now.

  8. are you guys crazy ! ! ! That beautiful , tall blonde blew all of them out of the competition.

  9. I think i have seen number 6 Kelly on the internet since this video but cant remember where.

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