40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals Bikini Contest!

  1. dude why does the camera go dark every time nr 3 comes in the shot.. Oh I get it she was the hottest girl..

  2. That’s not carlisle pongo would of been right on her the strokey nonse as well as billy bong head

  3. A "Bikini Contest" is SUPPOSE to be a blatant assessment of the physical beauty of the woman , wearing her fav swimsuit. I have, in 40 years, seen too many. THIS competition was done correctly. ANYONE with eyesight, or Stevie Wonder, for that matter, could clearly see you have the beauty and poise to obviously win this. The others you were in, were biased towards a hometown girl. The dedication, the discipline, needed to maintain your physical beauty is extremely rare to witness, your bf does an excellent job of supporting you in each. Thank you for sharing your honesty, the trip, you two's life together, and the fun you are having. I will leave the sexual comments for the others to make. I see nothing but class in you.

  4. Something I liked about this presentation, Christina is it seemed on final pass, you stayed a bit longer at the judges table posing. If that is at all possible (no clue about rules), you certainly have the goods; give the judges as many extra views as you can — it certainly won't hurt your case. Good luck! peace

  5. Some fierce competition I can see, where did they find them, at McDonalds? Gal in yellow, favorite food Nachos: Yeah, I can tell that by the looks :D LOL

  6. Sorry but tattoos just don't fit the bill when your trying to win a 'vanity ' contest.

  7. Really, none of the contests are fair. I'm glad Christina finally won one, but the other girls are not close to her in any of these contests. Why did they have four girls on the stage at the end and only gave out three prizes? Were they trying to shame her?

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