40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Carlisle Imports Bikini Contest | Didn’t Go As Planned!

  1. I definitely needed a tan! Damn Pennsylvania! haha Hope you guys enjoyed watching this video! :)

    1. Yes, the tan would definitely help .. however, more volume on the hair would also get away from that anemic, mousy look (try extensions) .. add that to your perfect 10 body and your unbeatable

  2. You should have won. You were the only one that knew how to pose ! And you are the prettiest!

  3. Christina was easily the hottest, but sometimes when people see blond they automatically jizz just bc they already have a bias.

  4. I am a blonde fan but YOU were the hottest bikini girl by far … and PA looks like it sucks

  5. You and #5 were heads and tails above the rest of the field. I'm sure it was close…you had my vote.

  6. Forget it, I like Christina much much better than all the other contestants by far…..

  7. Your boyfriend definitely chose the right girl. Those other girls where pretty but you had better stage presents and professionalism. Your beauty is insatiable THANK YOU.

  8. Definitely should have won. You were superior in every way. You’ll get the next one for sure.

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