Эротические клипы Eric Young Wins a BIKINI CONTEST! (TNA Turning Point 2006) | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments

Eric Young has his work cut out for him as he faces Traci Brooks in a BIKINI CONTEST at Turning Point 2006!
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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Eric Young Wins a BIKINI CONTEST! (TNA Turning Point 2006) | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments

  1. Eric Young now in Main Evente loses all matches 7 November lose with Eric Rowan vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.

  2. You know the ironic thing in this Video? That all three Characters lost in their own way. Eric Young is in Main Event Hell because he is a Jobber, Robert Rude only achievement is being a B Champion in NXT, a Joker Champion in 24/7 Title and a IDK what Tag Team Champion with Dolph Ziggler. Last but not least poor Traci was officially the last Wrestler to posed nude for Playboy but there was a fallout between TNA and Playboy in which her Pictorial was NOT publish in a Magazine but on the Cyber web. Pity too because the Pictorial blown the WWE ones out of the water.

    1. ROFLOLOL She lost that Playboy cover to Marge F'n Simpson, for Mike's sake.
      And EY and Bobby Roode should be cautionary tales for any Impact superstar or knockout thinking about crossing the street.

    2. Well said, @Steven5812.
      You wanna know why Tessa Blanchard and Michael Elgin and Brian Cage aren't in WWE? Look at this video. Talk about "cautionary tale".

  3. I would like to see one with Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love uploaded. The latter made Curry Man and Shark Boy lucky!

  4. Just makes me sad. First I LOL at this segment then I cry knowing what these two are doing NOW in that other place.

    (Insert elitist, irrelevant "makin' more money" comments here)

  5. I mean…….this or chasing the green crud belt with a horrendous back tattoo?

    I dunno

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