Эротические клипы Filipina Bikini Contest — LIVE from the Philippines with King Marcos

Thanks to my subscribers, Patrons, Trolls, Parrotts, and Haters, I have moved on up to a DELUXE apartment in the sky! Join me while I broadcast LIVE from a pool party and Bikini contest here at my new accommodations!

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Filipina Bikini Contest — LIVE from the Philippines with King Marcos

  1. you are great man no bady hate you we like you me and my frind we watch you vidoes from Kuwait we are arab we like all wat you talk and we like you vidoes thank you a lot

  2. "time is more like a suggestion!"

    Awesome channel brother, keep it rollin…..

  3. It looks like your camera had a few too many to pill you deviant out back piece of garbage

  4. I have your same religion as you, in fact I say here kitty kitty and my wife some times will laugh.

  5. Often what Americans see beautiful is what we see ugly here in Europe lol….none of those girls are beautiful Mark, your wife is 100 times better than them

  6. Moses had 6 wives then he became a God he sits next to God in heaven.
    Do your thing your heart is in the right place and that is all that matters.
    Where in the 10 Commandments does it say don't have more than 1 woman?
    The only thing God tells us is to not even look at another man's woman, that's it.
    All that other shit was man made written by followers of Christ not Jesus not God.

  7. Damn is that Helen of Troy at 1:20.00
    Gotta be related looks like Helen of Troy.
    "You like Chicken feet baby"? "of course!"

  8. WTF is this? Some fuckin strip club…. Fill sorry for you… It's sad that you can't find a better life

  9. Quality Really SUCKS when turn cam on Girls — we way better when u filmed you.. FYI ..
    WTF — who wants a hooker to marry — booze be messing ur mind Pal ..

  10. Mate, I love your videos. I wanna come over to the Philippines and stay in Cebu, Angeles City and Davao, All three best places for the hot woman when it comes down a white UK gent to find the women if you know? And it will be low season when I come because of this shity virus but which best month to avoid rain in low season? I'm also wanting to go on waterfall site seeing and swimming as well.

    1. @Mr.SnugglyDick You are one of the Loud mouths im describing. Keep your ass stateside the Phillipines can do without your kind.

  11. It is funny how you talk like a high school kid… You think you are hard, even if you served in combat. My man, you have never seen what man does to another only a few hundred miles away from your home town over the border. Call women Bi.thes have 6-10 of them it has nothing to do with any of us, but when you pose as a solid human then become something else…. When you express a view that treats others, people as crap, commodity, your game… You have a issue coming to you that only can be described as a how did this happen.. think that you are slick on the girls, when you believe you are the man. You slip threw the mess of guys that talk to much. Truth… Your few million is change to guys that spend that on a Scout center conceal year after year… Or me that does it with a Sunreef yacht. I hate to be a person that generalizes your nation. Truthfully you are what is wrong with the lack of accountability to your words that have little merit towards action.

    Get a better camera, cheap ass

  12. Sucks you in with an Asian bikini contest, then the idiot doen nothing but talk. This moran should pull his head out of his ass & shut up for a while, instead of talking so much proving how stupid he really is!

  13. You don't impress anybody with your F words. It's really a front. You ain't shit. You're trying sooo hard, B.

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