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Author: admin

40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы FIRST CALL OUTS IFBB BIKINI | KLASH CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019

  1. Why don't they move long hair to the front during certain poses? The long hair was distracting.

    1. Bikini athletes are not judged on their back muscularity, rather the shape which does not require them to move their hair.

  2. I would like to know who had what body type in other words how many of these gals are naturally skinny and just workout and how many of them have to fight the tendency of gaining the wrong type of weight.

    1. You don't see it the way they see it. This is a cult to the body for people who is into this world. You see it from a sexual perspective, but there's nothing sexual about this.

  3. Could you imagine the egos on these girls? Chicks with fake tits are already bad enough. Throw in what they think is the perfect body; I can't imagine what their BFs have to deal with.
    Their "walks" say it all.

    1. Metal Man this is only for the comp. they cut and shred just like the guys and they are dried out. Right after this they’ll chug water and eat like drunken sailors. Off season they gain some back.

  4. They are all gorgeous, I love Nr. 61. The only thing I'm not a big fan of are the fake breasts, but I guess that's part of the competition.

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