40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Florida Bikini Contest — 13 Hot contestants — Mojo’s

    1. @***** That's pretty ignorant and I'm actually friends with #2 Tammy the rest I can't speak for.

  1. There is no contest when a 22 Jessica Barton is a contestant!!!   You can take that statement to the bank for verification,

  2. If Jessica Barton's body was law as it should be, you also take it to our countries 9 justices for constitutional verification.

  3. Jessica Barton's body should be the yard stick by which every woman's body should be measured.  

  4. this is why I want to move to the USA and florida, was this like a weekly event or monthly event? how do you guys know about this event? was it just at a local bar? can you talk to the girls later on and buy them a drink or not?

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