40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Ford Nationals Bikini Contest | Worst One Yet!

  1. The "winners" of these contests usually are friends or locals of the people running the events.

  2. number 5 legs are a bit to slim need a bit of muscles too. and for number 1 wtf they were thinking i though number 6 would be in the best of 3. 1 was not in my radar.

  3. I know the criteria — You have to be fat to be 1st Place / You have to be full of tats to be 2nd Place / You have to be totally HOT to be 3rd Place.

  4. The girl that got first shouldn't of even been top 3. She couldn't even walk properly.. Ya got to wonder what the judges are judging on or if the judges knew her maybe..

  5. Christina you always look amazing. You don’t need a tan. Your always the clear winner. Idk how you don’t clean house on these competitions?

  6. Without question — YOU SHOULD HAVE WON!!!!! The other contestants, didn’t compare to YOU! I call BS with the judges!!

  7. Christina you deserved the win!! You looked fantastic!!! You have such a sweet attitude and wonderful smile too — should've been a no contest there! Jaret is a lucky man!

  8. The girl who won was probably some local girl the judges knew and they were trying to help her win…. maybe she needed the money or something. Your body is the best — by FAR!! Not even close.

  9. He read it the opposite way!!!! The 1st was supposed to be 3rd!!! And you were supposed to win…no doubt! Your Big Bang you wish for will came at some point, don’t worry!!!

  10. Wow

    I just cannot understand why Christina did not win . Sure the other girls are gorgeous . But Christina by far has the perfect physic.
    I just don’t get it .

  11. Chrissy we all know u should win all these contests but if they kept awarding you 1st place (as they should) nobody would enter. #godess

  12. This is not justice with Christina she was looking best among all good luck Christine this is not your loosing you allready won our hearts

  13. In my honest opinion…#3 & #6 was better or a close tie to you. But, you won an easy $100.

  14. Lmao that competition made no sense…. lol the woman that won 1st had some manly lookin shoulders…

    I guess that’s what the judges wanted

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