Эротические клипы Harley Bikini Contest — Not What We Expected…

Christina competed in a bikini contest at our local Harley and I ride some motorcycles with my Dad and some friends. Hope you enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Harley Bikini Contest — Not What We Expected…

  1. This is the most pointless vid on the internet … does anyone watch this shit… false advertising … 15 min of my life I will never get back

  2. It’s funny when people try to talk about bikes when they are clueless Dude you sound like a douche bag

  3. The Harley Break-out is the Sexiest bike they've ever made…But the Indians, are Sexier…

  4. Im sure you dig your girl but really christina is a 50 footer gotta get past that mug.HAHAHA

  5. Dude where you from in PA? Im in Johnstown,,, are you close ? If so we should ride man,,,

  6. ALL three of you morons ran a stop sign. And people wonder why idiots on Bikes get ran over!

  7. An entire parking lot painted for motorcycle parking… well, I think I've found my new home :-)

  8. Oh my Gosh I can't believe someone else did the bring your Girlfriend to a Bikini Contest; Even though it was her idea, *I thought I was the only one*, No SHit She won too! ha ha!!!

  9. This his how life should be. Men are born to ride and women are born to be half naked and dumb.

  10. Great video and Christina was really brave getting up there. Well done! Embrace the dark side and add some American iron to your garage. Scott

  11. Здраствуйте! Я плохо слышу разговорный английский. Кристина что то говорила про Россию? Кристина красивая, как большинство Русских девушек!

  12. Watching this video just because of Christina jaret lucky you are because you have Christina

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