40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Harley Davidson Bikini Contest June 23 2018

  1. George soros is paying the disruptors called antifa. U tube is turning off comments on them. Mr. PRESIDENT TRUMP was correct about social media censorship.

  2. Do you think she love to that.. I don't think so this world push her to do that.. And man control the world

  3. Trump just broken one of his campaign promises ( giving illegals a path to citizenship ) and his base is fuming mad, feeling betrayed and are going to set the president straight as we head towards the next December 14, 2020 elections. The president has just declared an open invitation to a global illegal invasion ( DACA ) by giving illegal-aliens a path towards citizenship. Trump need to hear from you, let him know giving illegal-aliens a path to citizenship is unpatriotic and a big mistake. !

  4. #4 definiately, the blonde is white before her was very nice too, but its almost like she was really nervous or just not happy to be there.

  5. Poor white cap guy on right Is pretending to look away from girls because gf Is next to him

  6. No wonder why some girls look uncomfortable….. Being in a bikini in a room full of bikers is like dangling a ribeye steak to a group of hungry dogs

  7. It's terrible how flabby and getting fatter American women are getting there young and look great but they do nothing to stay that way and it's sad by twenty five to thirty there well on the way to fatdom

  8. If I were a guy (and I am) …and if I had muscles with 6-pak abs (and I don't) there is no way I could walk around on stage and have people just check me out all over. Good job ladies. Good job indeed.

  9. Look . . . late afternoon at the local senior center, AEDs are charged and ready for use!

  10. whoever picked the tunes for this video should be tarred and feathered and then made to listen to it 1000 times.

  11. Harley Dudison….??? O My God, I thought every body love Harley Dudison. Is it correct…???

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