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  1. How timely! I just met with a coach a couple weeks ago to start my first journey to hopefully competing in 2019.

  2. Great tips!!!  I dream about doing this one day although I am 55 yrs old…BTW, I loved you video about "Is it too late?".  I follow Natalie in social media, she looks awesome!  I'd love to attend the posing seminar and meet you both!!  God bless!

  3. I love Natalie Matthew so much!! I follow both of you guys channels and your advice, as well as all of prophysiques advice. Thank you so much for all of the videos and all of the content you do;I have games such a wealth of information as I start my journey into bodybuilding with a coach. Thank you so much!

  4. So much truth to this! couldn't agree more. I did my 1st bikini show & had to travel to Dubai for it since my country doesn't do shows. it was a bit different than normal bikini shows (2 rounds, 1 bikini, 2nd sports gear) long story short, "when the lighting hits you" so so true. also, round2 , i felt way better than round 1. so i can only imagine if i had a second show planned after it too.

  5. Really it seems that a coach that gives constant muscle aesthetic feedback and dietary recommendations is the only way that ANYONE can achieve show readiness- is there even such a thing as a self-made competitor?

    1. Yes it is possible..but it is tough. To be able to separate yourself from the subjective part and not 2nd guess your decisions on training and nutrition is tough. I did it for 6 years and placed in the top 5 every time but couldn't pull off the pro card win. Having a coach helped and I did win my pro card. Turning over the reigns made my stress levels drop. So, it's not impossible, but just tougher…. BE educated and be open to objective help from other coaches…some are willing to give you a bit of help, just to point you in a direction. But just don't expect a game plan…. Good luck!

  6. I want to compete so badly but I keep doubting myself. It would be a dream to be on your team or even meet you one day at one of these shows.

  7. Hi, Coach Paul. Is the seminar, for the most part, a posing seminar? Or will you also be doing another seminar like you did with Paige, Laurin, and Natalie while you're in Houston?

  8. Great video as always!
    Would you make one about a peak week example? (in your manner)

  9. Uff I'm doing my first bikini comp in April and I'm already nervous although I've had all the time in the world to prepare myself still feel that I won't be ready enough. Thanks for the helpful video! :) xx

  10. Paul, im not in any rush to get stage ready but i do want to get there some day. How long does it typically take for a female to get "shredded" everyone is different but whats average?
    Also, how many workouts per day are the ladies doin? Ive pretty much gotten macros and nutrition down.

    Thank u!

  11. I love that there is a dude talking about bikini LOL xxx

    1. I started following you on Instagram — road_to_bikini_pro — that’s me!

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