40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы i feel pretty bikini contest

  1. I'm wondering if in the US that is extremely fat cuz here in Latin America she must be like common Latin Curvy girl and most of my friends that work as tour guides says that usa girl are incredibly thin.

  2. this was my favorite scene in the whole movie i was in my living room cheering for her love her confidence wish i had confidence like that, thought she was perfect for this movie

  3. 양놈새끼들 저게 살이 찐거니 안찐거니 말 존나 많네.. 포인트가 그게 아니라고. This scene is not about she is actually fat or not. See her amazing confidence which is we all can have.

  4. I think her body looks good tho lol and I'm being serious when I say as good as the skinny girls in the back. It's just a different body type. Does not mean it's worse

  5. Amy isn’t that fat though?? Idk why she uses her weight as something to poke fun at. She actually has a really fit body and it’d be better if she toned.

  6. I can’t stand the hate train for Amy. Is she the best stand up comedian ever? No. She’s funny on her feet and making stuff off the cuff. And she’s a good writer and comedic actress.

    1. God you are brave for standing up for her, considering how hating on Amy and dissing her body, her character, her jokes etc seem to be the new "fidget spinner". That's really refreshing. I can't stand the hate she gets either.

  7. Doing this sort of movies for the sake of political correctness is just as bad as what most model agencies do when they force models to be extra skinny. I realize this is an attempt to make fat women feel better about themselves, but the truth is she is fat. As in, truly fat. The solution for fixing anorexia is not having 30 kilos above your normal weight, unless of course you wish to have health problems. Once start to appear, I bet "political correctness" and "Amy Schumer's dances" won't offer any comfort.


  9. This was in my recommendations for some strange reason, and for an even stranger reason I decided to check out Fat Shakira.

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