Эротические клипы I Feel Pretty — The Bikini Competition [HD]

I Feel Pretty — The Bikini Competition [HD]

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6 thoughts on “Эротические клипы I Feel Pretty — The Bikini Competition [HD]

  1. Love this movie and this is my favorite scene!!!
    Confidence is extremely sexy

  2. I am not an Amy Schumer fan. Most of her "humor" is crass and quite vulgar…however, this movie and plotline? Fantastic! It is funny, understandable, relatable, and cool. I understand that the actual plot is somewhat weak, but i really enjoyed seeing Amy in a funny film that is both cute, and relatable to most women! It sends a body + mind positive message that speaks to all women! We ALL need to be 100% secure with ourselves the same way that Amy's character is in this movie!

  3. What I love about this movie is for women to believe in yourself you are as beautiful as any famous female Hollywood movie star or female singer no matter what your appearance is. Some women love to dress up as the Spice Girls.

  4. I went to listen to Swalla but when I clicked the music video I remembered I could come here and watch this instead haha. I love this scene!

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