Эротические клипы Jack Fire Bikini Contest — Ybor City

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Nine contestants compete in the 2015 Spring Break Jack Fire Bikini Contest at Tequila’s in Ybor City. These nine ladies pose in their swimwear in the Rooster bar in historic Ybor City. Jack Fire, Corona, Prime Cut Pro & Tequila’s sponsored this Spring Break Party and competition. Stay tuned for round two from Tequila’s in Tampa, Florida.

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Jack Fire Bikini Contest — Ybor City

  1. where did the find these at? if thats the best they could find remind me to never go there

  2. i wanna know who the girl is in the red shiny bikini. seen her before she is just fuckin hot! she was 6th in.

  3. 1st one is hot and Jonna @ 7:26, she have beautiful skin to go with that body.

    8:108:16, was the best part of the video for me. I will need to jack off to that.

  4. Walking eye candy and material stiffeners. The blue metallic and blonde in the red bikini are hot!

  5. 2nd, the blonde has the prettiest face, but way too skinny. she neets to get tone and she will be hot as hell. My fav is the blonde in red, even though she doesn't have the tightest body.

  6. Great video. And some really beautiful cutey pie young Ladies. Well, got to go. God Bless.

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