Эротические клипы Lauren Powers Bikini Contest in 4K

This was the Bikini Girls who participated in the 3rd Lauren Powers National Classic. The contestants were Erynn Blaker, Gwendolyn Morales, Jheanelle Whyte, Josie Aguilar, Kasey Camp, Katie Henry, Roxanne Mueller, Svetlana Chenko, Taryn Luquin, Terri Mcadams, Tiffany Lumaye, Theresa Espinosa, and Zoe Klopfer. The event was held by Lauren Powers in Costa Mesa on Saturday April 5, 2014. The event was filmed in 4K Definition so you can see every detail of these beautiful girls.

Music used:
1) Breaking Dawn by Machinimasound.com


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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Lauren Powers Bikini Contest in 4K

  1. 5:46 …. TF !!!! ….. what in the sweet World of flying f***dom IS that ? Is that a dude ? Man, that thing scares the bejeeezus outta me !!

  2. How about bring shipwrecked on an island with this entire group of Prime Grade AAA ladies. My mom said if youre gonna dream, dream big.

  3. Why r these ladies bodies so dark and tanned it looks like they used a whole bottle of self tanner on there body it does not look sexy in any way shape or form it looks ugly they remind me of Ross from.friends when he went to.the tan place and stood in the spray tan booth and came out the exact colour lol

  4. I ummm maybe…wait…I’m not sure… is it me or will all these bikinis fit in a thimble

  5. Thanks for coming out ladies, leave your name and number, and we will call.

    Next please.

    100 ladies will test today,, only three will win the trip to the next level.

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