Эротические клипы Legs and Back | Hannah’s FIRST EVER Bikini Competition

Hannah competes in her first ever bikini competition at the Arnold, and I get in a heavy single on squats then abruptly end my leg session to focus on back.

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Legs and Back | Hannah’s FIRST EVER Bikini Competition

  1. why can't I find a boytoy like this to keep ? God you are beautiful, I want to worship you from head to toe, especially those arms

  2. the most beautiful man alive — but I'm sure an asshole in real life. People that look so perfect on the outside are usually pretty ugly to others from their inside, that's why they build up the bodies to try to mask what horrible people they are, but you are incredible to look at. How much do you charge for an hour to worship you ?

  3. you brought bae to record you as shes dying of starvation and water cmon brother hahahah

  4. Did you ever hit those squat pr’s with lex was looking forward to it

    :0 even had my mega stuffed Oreos on hand too

    if you did “James the type of guy to hit leg prs with lex and not put it in his 14 minute vlog”

  5. Can you please tell me what’s the requirement to be a gymshark athlete?? I wanna be friend with y’all so bad

    1. 'Roids, a YouTube account, and a flexible schedule to attend all their events. (Kidding about that first one, James.)

  6. Nick Del Toro and crew snuck in with competitors, looking like close family. So, there was lax security all around apparently.

  7. It's different to me how you say "Ree-sees" whereas I would say it "Ree-suz" not hating just noting the difference in pronunciation haha.

  8. Don't shave all your body hair. Men with should have hair in some places (chest, arms, armpits, legs) lol

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