Эротические клипы LIVE Bikini Contest at Hooters Pattaya Thailand

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Hosted by Jeff Lepard

Filmed and edited by Kevin Kaye


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33 thoughts on “Эротические клипы LIVE Bikini Contest at Hooters Pattaya Thailand

    1. @Jeff Lepard That's the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century! I just subscribed to your channel a couple days ago. I like your CHANNEL alot. You present excellent content. You have charisma on camera. I think your channel will get big. Keep up the GREAT work!

  1. Not a fan of Pattaya livestreaming … but what the Steff stir up ? At least Jeff has some personality compared to a chain smoking idiot livestreaming and ruminating about useless miserable crap. He's not a happy dude.

    1. Jeff Lepard you look like you’re having fun. That comes out of the few few strand I’ve seen. The others that tried to livestream seemed miserable and only in for the super chats.

  2. The hottest one; is the announcer lady. Wow. Followed by; the hottie in the blue bikini. All of them, are very beautiful though.

    1. Maria the announcer! Yes she is very hot! We will see more of her this Friday I'm sure.

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