Эротические клипы Majestic Colonial Miss Bikini Contest

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Who wouldn’t want to watch 39 minutes and 26 seconds of girls in Bikini’s?

++ All Arcane Fire and Ice music —

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Majestic Colonial Miss Bikini Contest

  1. me and the old lady like to go next year let me know if your going and will book it same time

  2. Life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take but the moment's
    that take your breath away!


  3. absolutly stupid village guy! he have no idea to make a good and fair show. at first you have to motivate the girls that they jump over her own shadow. why they sitting and not standing!? why is the dance team not between the girls. why the music stop all the time for stupid jokes. this guy is an absolutly stupid amateur! suspend this loser! 

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  6. Saw the Majestic Colonial bikini dance yrs ago…same time as the famous fire…very entertaining…5 ladies…4 great one very good…and the winner was very good of course…hehehe…same nona duda announcer…very good show for us sunburned idiots

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