40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Micro G String Bikini Contest

    1. dawg I don't know the girl. so no i don't know her surname and if you dont'know her surname it makes me suspect that you know her.

    2. +Tonio Rosales dude this is the internet you don't need to prove it to me. I don't care and considering the video maybe she doesn't want cyber stalkers?

      or Heck maybe she's a model and I'm being silly. whatever.

    3. @SuperWolfkin
      No no, I was just giving her full name. Truth be told, I myself was a victim of stalking years ago, no lie. So, nothing more re her.
      I have no idea what she does now, and it's none of my business anyhow.

    4. no booty? are you fucking blind? Oh, you only like disgusting fat asses…. also, this is 20 years before any disgusting twerking bullshit existed

  1. When it comes to women like this, my prayer is not "Lord, save me from temptation" but more like, "Lord, please give me some taste of your wonderful creation"…. When God made summer, women, beaches, and sun He knew what He was doing. Amen. Thanks be to God. :-D

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  3. This is far from micro bikini you have to hi your Australia wicked weasel bikini are better thus is shit

  4. The worst part of any bikini contest is when there is a dude on stage who thinks he is part of the entertainment.

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